PITAKA ME Revolving Credit Line (RCL) is a flexible, standby, microfinance individual loan product of Rizal MicroBank.

This loan allows a client to borrow money from the Bank without the hassle of applying for a loan every time the need for funds arises. It is a reusable source of funds that can readily be tapped at the borrower’s discretion subject to approved credit line limit and term set by the Bank.

The line will be available for one year. During this allotted period of time, the facility will allow the client to take out, repay, and take the loan out again, and allow the borrower to use as much of the credit as is available and only pay interest on what has been used.

Loan Amount

Loan amount ranges between P20,000 to P150,000.00 subject to client’s capacity to pay.

Single Proprietorship, Partnership
21-60 years old
A resident of the business trade area for at least 3 years
Business has been existing for at least 3 years
Cashflow analysis warrants for a credit line of P50,000 to P150,000 using a term of 1 month and 3 months
No delinquent accounts with other financial institutions
No adverse record with local and national credit bureaus
No collection or sum of money cases in the Barangay or municipal court
Willingness to open and maintain a deposit account with RMB equivalent to at least 10% of the approved credit line

*Terms and Conditions

Term: Line available for one year, maximum of 6 months per PN subject to the remaining validity of the credit line.

*depending on business activity.