Pangarap Loan

Rizal MicroBank’s Pangarap Loan is a product designed to enable its clients to acquire a

personal loan guaranteed by placements in their Basic Deposit Account. It is targeted

towards Pangarap Savings Account clients on-boarded via Bangko ng Bayan cash agents,

although those registered via branches may also avail of the said loan, as a way of furthering

the bank’s financial inclusion advocacy.


Basic Eligibility Criteria


  • Must be at least 18 years old, and has a registered valid ID in the bank’s system
  • Client has maintained at least P5,000.00 in their BDA, but will not exceed P50,000.00
  • A resident of the community where the agent and/or branch is present and operating, or is at least able to regularly visit the agent and/or branch
  • With a verifiable mobile number
  • No adverse record in BAP-CB Negative File Information System
  • Has no criminal or sum of money cases in the barangay or municipal court


Loan Purpose

Loan may be used to finance any personal expenses, or working capital requirements related to the client’s business


Loan Amount

90% of the available deposit balance at the time of loan application, i.e. ranging from P4,500.00 – P45,000.00


Loan Term Maximum of three (3) months



Interest Rate

Two (2) percent per month at a diminishing rate to be deducted upfront prior to loan disbursement


Mode of Payment

Auto-debit from Pangarap Savings Account


Frequency of Payment

Semi-frequency payment of principal UID collection for interest


Collateral – Deed of Assignment of Pangarap Savings Deposit


Documentary Requirements

One valid ID and Barangay Certificate

Signed loan application form



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