Contractual Savings (Loan-based)

Is a regular passbook-evidenced and interest-bearing deposit product that is a component of the bank’s loan products. All clients who avail of the Bank’s loan products are required to save an amount equivalent to at least 10% of the loan amount for microenterprise loan, and as agreed with the client, for regular loan. The contractual savings is deposited throughout the term of the loan. Interest-bearing Interest Rate shall be based on prevailing market rate as jointly

Interest per Annum

1.0% per annum, compounded quarterly.

a. Customers who are willing to provide all necessary information and documents.
b. He/she must have passed the eligibility criteria of the Bank’s Loan products.
Acceptable Valid ID’s
a) PhilID or ePhilID from the PhilSys
b) Other identification documents with picture issued by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines
1. Passport
10. OFW e-Card
2. Driver’s License
11. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
12. Seaman’s Book
4. NBI Clearance
5. Police Clearance
14. PWD ID issued by the National Council on Disability Affairs
6. Voter’s ID
15. Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
7. Postal ID
16. PhilHealth ID
8. Senior Citizen Card17. Unified Muti-Purpose ID (UMID)
c) Other identification documents that can be verified using reliable, independent source documents, data or information.

IDs should be:

  • ✓ Clear
  • ✓ Un-expired (for IDs with expiration date)
  • ✓ Bears photograph and with signature of the individual-owner
  • ✓ Signed by an official authority and whose authenticity may be verified with said agencies/instrumentalities
  • ✓ Free from alterations
  • ✓ Preferably bears the security features or seal (if applicable) provided by the issuing agencies/instrumentalities that will prevent tampering of the ID.

Initial Deposit and Maintaining Balances

Required Initial Deposit
P 100.00
Minimum Average Daily Balance to Earn Interest
P 1,000.00

Fees and Charges

Closure of account within 180 days from opening
P 100.00
Passbook replacement (for lost passbooks only)
P 100.00
Bank Certification
P 100.00
Printed Statement of Account, per page
P 10.00