The PITAKA Micro Enterprise Loan is an individual loan product for micro entrepreneurs who wish to improve their businesses. It aims to make available affordable and easily accessible credit to micro entrepreneurs to help them finance and/or expand their present micro enterprise activities and increase their income. The product primarily targets micro entrepreneurs who generate regular daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly income sufficient for the household and to pay their regular loan amortization. The product also aims to provide formal source of credit to micro entrepreneurs who currently depend on loans from informal moneylenders.

Loan Amount

Loan amount ranges between P20,000 to P150,000 subject to client’s capacity to pay. Loan increases are subject to repayment behavior and cash flow evaluation.

Individuals, male or female, 21 to 60 years old
Presently engaged in a business that is profitable, decent and legal, and which provides a stable source of daily or weekly income
Business should already be existing for a year or more
Business should be located in fixed/permanent location
If applicant owns the house, he/she must be a resident in the community for at least 2 years. If the applicant is renting, he/she must be a resident for at least 3 years. In both cases, residence must be within the bank’s service area
The applicant must be without any history of past due loans with Rizal MICROBANK or its affiliates, or with any creditor or supplier.

*Terms and Conditions

Term: Up to 12 months only.

Frequency of Payment: Daily, Weekly, Semi-monthly and Monthly

*depending on business activity.