Small Biz Lite

Small Business Loan – Lite Products (Small Biz Lite)

This product aims to provide financial capital to micro and small entrepreneurs who are capable to borrow at least P100,000 with the intention to improve their business operations. Such access to credit will enable these clients to expand their business and consequently, increase their income. The product primarily targets entrepreneurs who generate daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly income, have adequate financial records (whether or not these are formalized through an audited financial statement) and have been operating for at least three years.

Loan Amount:

Loan amount ranges between P100,000 to P1 Million subject to client’s capacity to pay.  Loan increases are subject to repayment behavior and cash flow evaluation.

Loan Purpose:

  • Additional Working Capital
  • Purchase of business equipment and vehicle but only up to 85% of contract or retail price
  • Business expansion, provided that funding of capital expenditures will be limited to 85% of contract or retail price


  • Single Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or Cooperative
  • Borrower must be 21 years old at the time of loan maturity, and should not exceed 70 years old at the time of loan maturity
  • Resident in the branch trade area for at least three years
  • Business has been existing for at least three years
  • Business is profitably generating in the past three years
  • Business is generating a daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly income
  • No delinquent accounts with other financial institutions
  • No adverse record with local and national credit bureaus and/or negative findings in any credit investigation reports
  • No collection or sum of money cases in the barangay or municipal court
  • Willing to open a Contractual Savings with RMB and save while there is an active loan

Loan Term:

3 months to 36 months

Frequency of payment:

Weekly, semi-monthly or monthly

*Terms and Conditions


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